Cost of TKA implant averages $5,336 and contributes 22% of the total cost of a primary TKA


  • Amy Kim Nguyen BS University of Texas Health Houston
  • Benjamin Childs MD
  • Christopher Bacak MD MS Texas Tech University Health Science Center, El Paso, TX
  • Michael D Eckhoff MD The Randolph Institute, Palm Beach FL
  • John P Scanaliatio MD Rush University Hospital, Chicago IL
  • Nata Parnes MD Carthage Area Hospital, Carthage, NY, and Claxton Hepburn Medical Center, Ogdensburg, NY



Business, TKA, Arthroplasty, cost, value


Objectives: The purpose of this study is to characterize the percent contribution of the cost of the standard knee implant to the total cost of a primary TKA based on currently published literature.

Design: Systematic literature review.

Main outcome measurement: cost in $USD inflation adjusted

Results: PubMed search produced 469 articles regarding “total knee arthroplasty implant cost” of which 14 had novel estimates for cost of the standard knee implant and total cost of primary TKA. The mean cost of the standard knee implant was $5,336 ± $1,671 and the mean total cost of primary TKA was $23,907 ± $9,514. The cost of the standard knee implant contributes to 22.3% of the total cost of a primary TKA.


Published estimates of standard knee implant costs are highly variable. The best estimate based on literature is $5,336 ± $1,671 contributing to 22.3% of the total cost of a primary TKA, however there is room for improving this estimate.

Level of Evidence: IV; Systematic Review of level IV or higher evidence

Keywords: Business, management, human resources, cost, value, efficiency.

Author Biography

Benjamin Childs MD

Texas Tech University Department of Orthopaedics

Editor: Journal of Orthopaedic Business


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