Estimated Cost of Fibrin Glue


  • Shayli Schulz TTUHSC PLFSOM
  • Ameen Khan TTUHSC El Paso
  • Justin Evans
  • Benjamin R. Childs
  • Nata Parnes
  • John P. Scanaliato
  • Alexis B. Sandler



Buisness, Management, resources, cost, value, efficiency


Objectives: The purpose of this study is to systematically investigate the current cost/mL of fibrin glue to be used in the operating room based on currently published literature.

Design: Systematic literature review.

Main outcome measurement: Cost in dollars per milliliter.

Results: Literature search produced 500 articles regarding “Fibrin Glue Cost” of which 18 had novel estimates for the cost of fibrin glue per mL. The average cost estimate for fibrin glue among the current literature is $161.61 ± $140.78.  With outliers removed it was $122.45 ± $61.90.

Conclusion: Fibrin glue is used in many procedures for its hemostatic, adhesive, and sealant properties. In this literature review study, we found the average cost of fibrin glue to be $161.61/mL with indications that the true cost may be significantly cheaper. It is a financially stable option that has not become more expensive since it came into practice. Future studies are needed to investigate the overall cost benefit analysis.

Level of Evidence: IV; Systematic Review of level IV or higher evidence

Keywords: Business, management, resources, cost, value, efficiency.

Author Biographies

Ameen Khan , TTUHSC El Paso

Ameen Khan


Texas Tech University Health Science Center El Paso TX

Justin Evans

Justin Evans


Texas Tech University Health Science Center El Paso TX

Benjamin R. Childs

Benjamin R. Childs


Texas s Tech University Health Science Center El Paso TX

Nata Parnes

Nata Parnes


Carthage Area Hospitals

John P. Scanaliato

John P. Scanaliato


Rush University

Alexis B. Sandler

Alexis B. Sandler


Texas Tech University Health Science Center El Paso TX


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